Behind the Scenes: It takes a village

Just a few weeks ago I directed my very first photoshoot WITH KIDS! I have been on many, many sets in my career and I must say I was quickly reminded that,  like motherhood, it takes A VILLAGE of talented & creative people to pull off a successful shoot. We got through this day with just myself… my lovely photographer ( a friend I met in a baby group when I was a new mom! ) and a few amazing mama friends who helped me steam clothes, pass out snacks, keep ipads charged & twist up some amazing top knots! I feel pretty lucky to have had some incredible kids who are so near and dear to me in my first shoot. It was so fun watching all their silly & unique personalities blossoming in front of the camera, I can’t wait until we have our next one!

Here’s a little glimpse of our day…

*photos by Kelly Erin Photography